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DC Comics Presents #49, September 1982, cover by Rich Buckler and Dick Giordano
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Justice League - Shazam #16
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Francesco Francavilla Captain Marvel (yes, I refuse to call him Shazam).
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Books I Read in 2013: #5
Shazam! The Monster Society of Evil (2007). Jeff Smith.
Fiction. Graphic Novel. Fantasy. Tween. YA.
First Read. 
Billy, a homeless boy with no family and few options, is chosen and granted the powers of the gods. Now, he only needs to say “Shazam” to transform into Captain Marvel, a superhero with amazing abilities. However, Billy is very much a boy and Captain Marvel is much older, something that causes some conflicts between the two characters. Billy needs to slow down and learn about his powers before he causes some serious problems. I really liked this book. The characters were snarky and there were plenty of shenanigans throughout the book. Part of it was a little hard to follow because I haven’t read any other Captain Marvel materials. There was a comment about how Captain Marvel didn’t have his full memory back, but I wasn’t sure what that meant or if it would have been important to know in context. Obviously, I could still read through this text without getting majorly lost, so it couldn’t have been that important. This is the overall problem with reading comics though—the universe and the history is just intense and insane. Part of why this book was so good was because it could easily apply to several age groups. I can see some older readers not wanting to hear about little Billy, but half the time he’s Captain Marvel, so it kind of evens out. A definite good read.
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